We are not Amazon Prime – By Michele Young

     When you show up for karate classes please remember that we are not Amazon Prime.
Karate classes in Henderson build character at CD Young's Karate in Henderson
I recently read something that said, “Your body is not Amazon Prime. The results you want to see don’t just show up in two days.” And it made me think… how often do we put those immediate expectations on other areas of our lives? I know I do it all too often, wanting instant gratification for every effort I barely begin to make. The part I find most important here is that we don’t put those expectations on our kids, in karate classes or outside of them. 

     When we come up with a new pursuit or goal that we want to take on, we are all beginners, it takes time to build the skills and to see the big successes. And some of those are actually gradual growths that will take place subtly over time through consistent reinforcement of concepts and skill sets. So when our child starts karate classes or a new school year, a new chapter in a subject, maybe a new chore at home, remember that the growth and skill level will most likely come about gradually and the same is true of their ability to handle emotional growth. 

     As adults, we seem to forget that we can only look at everyday tasks and seemingly mundane interpersonal experiences as if they are easy to handle, because we have had those experiences many times throughout our life to get to this point. And for a lot of parents (not all), you’re not the one in the karate classes, learning the lessons and trying to do all the things they are taking on. So for our kids, it’s not “easy,” or “no big deal” and it does matter to them in the moment right now. They will be faced with so many situations on a daily or weekly basis that they are truly experiencing for the first time; having to navigate their feelings, reactions, expectations and reflections on the experience. And this happens over and over again for them during their childhood, middle school and teenage years. To be quite honest, I am still experiencing a lot of firsts and have to navigate similar emotions.

Goal setting for karate kids

     A study was recently published by Harvard University that said that the number one factor that determines a long and successful life is not diet or level and type of exercise; it was having supportive people around you. Now that’s not to say that you throw diet, exercise and general health aside (and karate classes are a great way to keep a focus on that)! It simply means that having people supporting your passions, your growth and your well-being will contribute to reaching those goals we set. And when we start demonstrating that support to our kids when they are young, we are contributing to their lifelong success. 

     Expecting anything to happen overnight when it comes to personal development may be one of the most unrealistic expectations we can have. You can choose to not give in to negative self talk and focus on positive behaviors over time. You can decide to change habits to make them more effective for a productive and joy filled life. You can want the best for your kids and do your best to provide them with every opportunity and experience, both in karate classes and outside of them. 

Karate Pictures that help kids be their bestThis is just a reminder to give it time, because none of us are Amazon Prime.

Mrs. Michele Young
CD Young’s Karate in Henderson


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