Back To School for Kids

It’s My First Day 🙂

     It is back to school time! So I wanted to offer a reminder that this often means that we, as adults, are getting bombarded with things to add to our daily task lists. Often we get into the mix of things to do, obligations, responsibilities, events to attend, homework to make sure is done, lunches to make, and more. The caution in this message is to remember that It becomes all too easy to transfer our feelings during these transitions onto our kids in how we move throughout our day. Back to school means we are in a rush and so we rush them. Back to school means we are stressed so we react with frustration when they add cleaning up a mess to our things to do. Back to school means we are distracted so maybe we overreact to the things they might be doing to gain our attention. And in reality, back to school is already past and we are now just in the rhythm of school and there is more going on than there was those first few days.


Karate Kids Go To School

     In addition to wanting the best for our kids in academics and their social atmosphere, we are a part of extra activities where our hope for them in all of this is that they will shine. In reality though, we all shine in our own ways and at our own time and so it becomes hard to toe the line between how hard to push our children and when to just tell them we’re here and we are proud of them.


So whether it is back to school, a new belt in karate class, new expectations at home,


I am new at this. I am experiencing so many “firsts.” 

It will seem easy to you when you watch me. You’ve had experiences I haven’t yet. 

You will want to look at other kids to see if we look and act the same. 

We won’t, because we are not the same. 

I will get it when I’m ready, be patient with me. I will not meet every goal set for me on the same timeline that you have chosen but I will get there if you encourage and love me along the way. 

Don’t be embarrassed by the things I might do, that embarrassment is about you, not me. 

And my teachers will help me learn. 

Each day is not about perfection, it’s about progress and not every day is going to be my best. 

I am young and I am a person working with emotions and feelings I can’t always explain. 

Tell me that you are proud of me and be specific when you can. 

Trying my best is enough. 

How you help me now can set the tone for how I embrace all new things in my life. 

Karate Helps with school

So please Remember…

I am new at this, and so are you. Let’s do this together. 

Enjoy back to school and all the growth, excitement and challenges that this year will bring!


Written By :  Michele Young – Karate Instructor


CD Young’s Karate in Henderson

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