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Psychologists have composed study after study determining that there are truly life changing benefits of friendships in our lives.  Karate Friends can be some of those special relationships in your students life.

Studies state that friendships increase your sense of belonging, boost your happiness, reduce stress and improve your self-worth. There is a common understanding in our adult lives that friends are important but how we choose to prioritize their importance is a different story.  Karate is a sport that you grow up with and can add to that story so that your students can learn to engage other kids and create those karate friends in their own lives.

We make our decisions for quality time with our friends based on work, children and other family obligations. However we have an ability to judge the importance of these relationships and their value in our lives. It can be easy to forget that kids still need the time to make these same decisions about the friends in their lives. They need the chance to meet people and form bonds. This begins with having the opportunity to play. Plato said “we learn more about someone in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation.”

In today’s world there are so many things that tempt us to push kids to grow up too soon. Technology threatens to take away their precious ability to play, to use their imagination and to experience the joy of quality time spent engaged with friends.

Spend today thinking about the friendships in your life and the opportunity we can give the kids around us to one day look back at their choice in friends and have the same realizations we are right now.
-Mrs. Young


-The best friends of a lifetime are present in the people you spend those special moments with. You may see them every day, or only once in a blue moon, but they will stand with you, cry with you, joke with you, and smile with you when it matter most. Enjoy these moments together.

Master Young

Friends in karate learn leadership together

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